About us


Once upon a time, a faraway land (but not much) boarded by two seas, where weather and earth had shaped over time countries and people with a big heart, talent and immense desire to create marvels to amaze any traveler who had been there. His name is Puglia.

apulian wedding planner

On a spring day, when the sun and the wind embrace themselves to create perfumes  to accompany the swallows in their own dancing in the sky, Anna and Tiziana meet accidentally at one of the typical parties of this country: A WEDDING. Neither of the two had never met before, but as always happens in Puglia, a magic took place, people will look at each other,  smiles to each other , hearts palpitate, minds open up to make friends, loves and good stories.


This what happened on that day, no one remembers who was the first of the two to talk or smile, but one thing was certain understanding when seated beside at the same table, they began to talk … talk

nothing will be left to chances

about a dream, and the dream was the same, MAKE THE WEDDING DAY VERY SPECIAL  FOR EVERY BRIDE AND GROOM TO BE. They shared ideas, will and strength. There were and still is a  common intentions and the great feature of being able to understand and interpret the wishes and ideas of others. From that very moment they decided to join their forces and give birth to an business able to surprise and satisfy every couple who wants to make unique and special their wedding day.


Both come from historical city rich in architectural and natural beauty, where the food makes tap tastes and landscapes lull minds. Tiziana was born in Locorotondo and Anna was born in Barletta.


wedding planner

Tiziana has studied and gained experience both in Italy and in England in various departments of the tourism field, among which we find the travel and food industry. She has a keen sense of organization, a lot of energy and enthusiasm, willing to listen and able to find the solution to everything.



Wedding Designer

Anna has studied and gained experience in the artfield. She designs and creates from scratch, respecting and taking advantage of the simplicity of the elements. She create real works of art ranging from a bouquet, cake, dress, up to a simple invitation or confetti .




Is from the union of their strengths that will ensure the success of all their project and if you want to talk about a fairy tale then let it be your wedding day, because the “ONCE UPON A TIME” with Anna and Tiziana is now!